Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Multimedia and Instructional Dialogs

The Assessment and Instructional Content Department has developed a wide variety of Instructional Dialogs in math, English language arts and science to offer teachers tools to assist in the instructional process. These Dialogs contain instructional approaches that address specific state standards or components of those standards that are necessary in the development of student achievement. To further enhance the learning experience, additional assets are being placed in the dialogs to offer expanded interactive and engaging opportunities to learn.

One of the Dialogs benefitting from the advantages of multimedia technologies present in Galileo Online’s K-12 Instructional Dialogs is Chemical and Physical Properties of Matter, which focuses on middle school standards in science involving the properties of matter and the changes in those properties.

In this Dialog, the students are instructed in the key concepts of density; boiling point; melting point; and solubility. Then on slide 13, they are able to access a short video that demonstrates how to use these physical properties to separate substances under lab conditions.

Please take a look and let us know what you think about the Dialog, and the video and how they can help your students understand this important standard better.

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