Monday, February 27, 2017

Coming Soon: EngageNY Content via Galileo K-12 Online

Soon the EngageNY Common Core Math and English Language Arts Curriculum will be accessible through Galileo. The curriculum contains Math and English Language Arts (ELA) units/modules and lesson plans for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Additionally, direct access to the high school curriculum including ELA 9th-12th grade content and Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-calculus will be available through Galileo. The EngageNY curriculum components exist through Galileo as links to the live EngageNY website.

There are a number of benefits of using the EngageNY curriculum through Galileo including the ability to guide curriculum implementation by scheduling each unit/module for the desired duration. The EngageNY units/modules can be scheduled by district- and school-levels users using the Galileo Bulk Scheduler tool. Scheduled EngageNY units/modules will be displayed on the Teacher Dashboard Calendar page. From this page, teachers can preview scheduled units/modules as well as schedule EngageNY lesson plans to further support instruction. 

Contact your friendly and knowledgeable field services coordinator for more information. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

New: Intuitive Galileo Test Builder & Coming Soon: TE Item Builder Component

You can now preview and begin using the powerful new Galileo Test Builder interface. The easy-to-use assessment creation tool is an intuitive, point-and-click interface for creating common formative assessments at the school and class level using items including technology enhanced items that articulate directly to selected objectives. Designed for teachers and optimized for desktops, laptops, and tablets, Test Builder offers the following capabilities:

  • Search item banks by standard or item family
  • Refine searches by Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and item type
  • Quickly add, reorder, and/or delete items
  • View a summary of your current test items at the same time as your current search results
  • Easily access online student and teacher previews of your test
  • Once your test is published, access quick links to schedule the test and print if needed for offline student test booklets

TE Item Builder Component: The capability for teachers to create technology-enhanced items within Test Builder is currently under development and scheduled for release in spring 2017.

Quickly add, reorder and/or delete items. Easily access Test Builder tools to create new tests, edit test attributes, and preview tests.

For further information on Test Builder functions and how to generate tests contact your Field Services Coordinator or access the Help files via the Galileo application. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

ATI’s Webinar Series Highlights the Galileo Comprehensive Assessment System

The webinar “Seeing the Big Picture with Galileo’s Comprehensive Assessment System” was well received and viewed by many educators. Thank you to all who logged on and participated in the event. The webinar gave insight into the different components of the Galileo comprehensive assessment system and answered the following questions:
  • What is the Galileo comprehensive assessment system?
  • What makes a benchmark series comprehensive?
  • How do teachers and administrators use the data generated from Galileo?
  • What tools does Galileo offer to incorporate student performance data into measures of instructional and/or educator effectiveness.  
View the webinar and share it with a colleague. 
Access more information regarding comprehensive assessment system.
Request a guided demonstration from our friendly Field Services Coordinators.

ATI webinars offer exciting insight into Galileo technology. They are complimentary and are recorded for later viewing. The recordings can be accessed from the ATI website along with many other helpful videos, Dialogs, and webisodes. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

ATI Professional Development Offerings and New Spring Learning on Demand Schedule

“I loved this course. I feel so much more confidant because of it. I must say all the trainings I have done on Galileo have been excellent. Not only are they of high quality but largely free of charge or at very small cost. Thank you for all the help you have given us,” says Dr. Chrissy Lindsley, Educational Coordinator, Clay Center, KS.

ATI offers a comprehensive, customized Professional Development (PD) and training program which is complimented by our variety of online resources. The trainings are provided by our PD staff who come to you direct from the classroom and are well-versed in both educational theory and practice. In addition to degrees in education, they have substantial educational experience and are sensitive to the needs and challenges facing today’s educators.

Learning on Demand (LOD) webinar sessions are part of the comprehensive ATI PD offerings and are provided at no cost. The spring schedule of Pre-K and K-12 LOD sessions is now available for registration (click the “Upcoming” tab in the Training Center). LOD webinar sessions are offered at multiple times and on multiple days throughout the year. Once recorded, the sessions are available on demand in the Galileo system. 

Register today for a Learning on Demand spring webinar session:
K-12 spring schedule 
Pre-K spring schedule

Access the recorded sessions:
K-12 Learning on Demand webinar recordings
Pre-K Learning on Demand webinar recordings

If you need assistance or would like further information on training offerings, contact ATI’s Professional Development Department at 800.367.4762 or e-mail