Monday, November 30, 2015

The Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center Makes Access to Information Quick and Easy

The new Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center helps to manage communications between teachers and students as well as between teachers and parents. The Center is designed to increase student engagement in the learning process in part by communicating to the student pertinent information concerning scheduled lessons, assignments, assessments, and assessment results. The page has also been designed to communicate important information to parents including information on student learning, curriculum, and instructional resources for home use. The interfaces for students and parents are intuitive in nature and provide easy-to-follow navigational icons. The student and parent functions are made concise through three main features:
  • Dashboard 
  • Calendar 
  • Dialog Notes
The Dashboard provides students and parents easy access to scheduled activities and assessment results. Students have direct access to scheduled online tests as well as to assignments and lessons administered in Instructional Dialogs. Students and parents also have access to instructional resources and assessment results presented in easy to interpret charts, graphs, and lists. In the case of secure online assessments such as District benchmark tests, a teacher-issued password is issued in order to control student access and to maintain the security of the assessment content.  

From the K-12 Student-Parent Center Dashboard, students and parents may view data that indicates how the student is performing on assessments. The data are presented graphically as shown above and also in list form for easy viewing. Click to view larger.

The K-12 Student-Parent Center Calendar organizes content in a way that gives a view of instruction and assessment over time. The Calendar can be viewed by month, week, or day. Like the Dashboard, the Calendar provides access to scheduled assessments, classroom quizzes, online instructional dialogic lessons, assignments, and instructional resources. The student can see at a glance their scheduled activities including due dates. 

The K-12 Student-Parent Center Calendar provides students a quick view of and access to all scheduled assessments and assignments. Click to view larger.

From the Dialog Notes feature, students can review notes that they have made while participating in an online Dialog lesson or assignment. Dialog notes provide detailed information about the student’s progress through an online lesson or assignment as well as direct access to the Dialogs containing notes.

To learn more about the Center please contact a friendly Field Services Coordinator. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Categorical Growth Score Management Page

It is now possible for district Instructional Effectiveness (IE) administrators to modify and customize the data elements being factored into a teacher’s Categorical Growth Score. Data elements may be added and removed as needed from the Categorical Growth Score Management page.  

The Categorical Growth Summary widget provides data on whether the teachers or selected schools have maintained the expected growth of their students in the selected subjects. Galileo has automated the way student assessment data is linked to teachers, however sometimes district like to customize the assessments, classes and/or students pulled into a teacher’s categorical growth score.   

The Categorical Growth Score Management page is available to District- and School-level users who have been given the User Has Access to Instructional Effectiveness Tools permission. If provided the appropriate IE permissions, the Settings icon will appear at the top of the Categorical Growth Summary widget.

For instructions on using this new tool, click here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coming Soon: New Galileo K-12 Online Student-Parent Center Interface

ATI is in the process of making several enhancements to Galileo K-12 Online that will benefit educators, administrators, students, and parents. The most recent enhancement to Galileo the new, coming soon K-12 Student-Parent Center interface. The Center is designed to manage communications so that students and parents are provided with complete information regarding instruction and assessment used to guide instruction toward the achievement of valued educational goals.

The features of the Center make it easy to use by both students and parents. The Center ease of use features include:
  • Ability for students and parents to email the teacher.
  • User-friendly icons and graphical representations.
  • Responsive design to accommodate use of the Center on various screen sizes.
  • Search capability.  
  • Integration of Google Translate enabling families whose primary language is not English (e.g., the family’s primary language is Spanish) to use the Center efficiently.
  • A convenient option to choose when to integrate the new interface. Districts and charter schools have the option to immediately switch to the new interface or to continue using the classic interface accompanied with a preview of the new interface. 
The Calendar Dashboard quickly provides a snap shot of scheduled assignments or assessments. Click here to see larger. 

Not only has the functionality of the K-12 Student-Parent Center changed but the look has, too. While districts and charters can still personalize their Student-Parent Center through the inclusion of the district/charter logo, the Center now provides each student with a page that can be personalized with photos and information.

Watch for more information on the K-12 Student-Parent Center in the coming weeks. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Field Services Coordinators to learn more.