Monday, August 29, 2016

K-12 Online Help Files

Galileo K-12 Online help is within reach. When working in Galileo K-12, just click the User Options/Help menu and select Help. With a click of the mouse or a finger tap on a tablet you have a wealth of information to help you use Galileo effectively and efficiently.  

Whenever Galileo K-12 is enhanced, the online help files will have the most up-to-date directions. From the online help files you can quickly access links to FAQs such as:
How do I…
  • analyze data?
  • view a roster?
  • administer a test?
  • create a test?

If you prefer, you can use the Search tool to immediately access a topic. Just type the desired search words in the Search box on the right side of the page or click the magnify glass icon on the left side then press enter. The results will show you everywhere the word(s) appear in the help files.

Many industries have their jargon and abbreviations. Education is no different. ATI has included a Glossary to help you understand key words and concepts referenced throughout the application. Click the book icon located in the upper left corner and locate the term along with the definition.

Once you have accessed the desired topic, you can follow the directions, print out the directions, open quick reference guides and view videos. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

New 2015-16 ATI Research Briefs Assist Pre-K Programs to Interpret Developmental Level (DL) scores

Galileo Pre-K is a reliable and valid assessment tool that can be used to define, assess, and track learning. ATI applies procedures based in Item Response Theory (IRT) to information gained through observational assessment to estimate a measure of child learning called the DL score. The DL score indicates a child's position on a developmental path and provides information about which capabilities the child has learned and which capabilities the child is ready to learn. Each year, ATI conducts research to evaluate how a child's DL score relates to both a child's age as well as to the time a child is enrolled in a preschool program. The results of the research are summarized in the following two research briefs and can be used to gauge child growth. 

  • Estimated Growth for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2015-16 Assessment Data: The change in the DL score over time can be used to evaluate child growth. ATI's research may be used to estimate child growth for various time periods. This information can be used by early childhood providers to evaluate whether children are demonstrating adequate growth over time. Read the full brief. See sample excerpt of data below.

  • Predicted Developmental Level Scores for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2015-16 Assessment Data: ATI conducts annual research that can be used to predict the DL score for children at various ages. Early childhood providers can use the up-to-date information provided by this research to evaluate whether children are progressing appropriately over time relative to their peers. Read the full brief. See sample excerpt of data below.

Access more research briefs by ATI, click here

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ready to Use! New Galileo Menu Bar and Teaching Dashboard

Galileo's two newest interfaces are now live. ATI is excited to provide the streamlined menu bar and Teaching Dashboard each offering a fresh look and enhanced functionality. The new interfaces offer many user-friendly features such as one-click accessibility, responsive design, efficiency, integration, smart technology, and convenience. The new menu bar is being used by everyone at this time. Districts and charters have the option to begin using the new Teaching Dashboard now or later in the year. We encourage you to preview the new Dashboard and see for yourself how easy it is to both build and administer curriculum materials and assessments as well as to access data to inform next instructional steps for promoting learning.

Several resources are available to help guide you through interacting with the new interfaces including:

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to preview the Dashboard
  • A webinar demonstrating the efficiency of both interfaces, and 
  • Quick reference guides (QRG) offering step-by-step illustrations of the menu bar and Teaching Dashboard

Teaching Dashboard user friendly interface.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Ensure that Your District Assessments are Ready When Needed!

At the beginning of each school year, ATI recommends that districts and charters contact their ATI Educational Management Services (EMS) coordinator to begin the assessment planning process. EMS staff will help district/charter personnel to create a comprehensive assessment plan that addresses their goals and that answers questions such as:

  • How many benchmarks assessments will there be during the year?
  • When will benchmark testing occur?
  • Which subjects and grade levels will be tested?
  • Should technology enhanced items be included on assessments? 

EMS staff works closely with district personnel to ensure that the resulting benchmark assessments are of the highest possible quality. Of course, quality requires time so we ask that you please allow for a 2 week delivery window for pre-made assessments and a 6 week window for assessments aligned to district curriculum

Email or call 1.800.367.4762 to speak to an EMS Coordinator today and get the process started.