Monday, October 31, 2016

Now Live: New Admin Dashboard replacing School Performance Dashboard

Galileo dashboards, including the newly released Admin Dashboard, provide all stakeholders access to intervention tools that assist in improving student achievement. The Admin Dashboard, one of the exciting recent innovations from ATI, contains all of the functionality of the School Performance Dashboard it replaces. It also offers one-click accessibility, responsive design, efficiency, integration, smart technology, and convenience. These features support ease-of-use and accessibility from a variety of devices ensuring that tasks can be easily completed at any time and from any location. The Admin Dashboard supports the monitoring of student growth and achievement along with providing intervention activities at the school- and district-level. 

 Quick access to intervention tools are found in Galileo Admin Dashboard.

Learn more about the Galileo dashboards by scheduling a Galileo Overview. Contact one of our friendly Field Services Coordinators to experience Galileo for yourself.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Save the Date for our Fall Seminar! An Arizona First: The New Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform in Action

Join us Monday, November 14 at 1:00 pm in the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) Boardroom for an exciting, complimentary seminar providing a first-hand look at how Arizona educators are taking the lead in utilizing the unique innovations of the new Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform. The seminar, co-hosted by CUSD and ATI, is part of a continuing series bringing educators together to share insights about the integration of research, technology innovations, and educational practice to empower all stakeholders. The seminar will include presentations from CUSD and ATI as well as an “Arizona Round Table Discussion” including education leaders from Chandler Unified School District, Crane Elementary School District, and Maricopa Unified School District. Round table participants will discuss their reasons for adopting this new platform along with discussing their experiences, successes, and next steps.

During the seminar, ATI will provide an overview of the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform which readily handles the District/Charter inclusion and modification of their existing and new curriculum content. Users have quick access through the platform to curriculum content consisting of Instructional Units defining curriculum scope and sequence and offering a variety of resources. Each Unit is designed to hold a series of online Instructional Dialogs enabling the development/delivery of instruction and assessment. Curriculums within the platform may include multimedia content, technology-enhanced lessons, and formative assessments. The platform, offered through Galileo for no additional cost, provides intuitive technology including search features as well as on-demand access to instruction and assessment resources such as those from ATI, EngageNY, and KHAN ACADEMY® supporting the integration of instruction and assessment as a natural part of the teaching and learning process.

The seminar will conclude with a questions and answers session. Light refreshments will be served.

Register today to join us for this enlightening seminar. 
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Expansion of Technology Enhanced Items

To assist Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) district and charter school partners in preparing students for statewide assessments incorporating item types using online technology, ATI is continuing to expand our offering of  technology-enhanced (TE) items. ATI is producing TE items for use in secure district-wide assessments as well as content for formative uses that can be included in instructional materials, quizzes and class tests to allow students and instructors to become familiar with these new item types.

The item types available include

  • multi-part items that engage students in supporting and explaining answers
  • selectable text items that support close reading and analysis of text
  • sequencing items that demonstrate knowledge of sequential and procedural elements
  • short answer items that allow students to type in a response that is automatically scored
  • observational items that enable teachers to score observed performances or demonstrated skills
  • expanded selected-response items that measure students abilities to recognize multiple correct answers or approaches to solve a problem
  • customized TE items that incorporate manipulation, graphing, grouping, audio components and other forms of interactivity including:
    • interactive coordinate planes
    • interactive linear and volume measurement
    • interactive classifying
    • interactive ordering
    • interactive graphing and charts
    • interactive labeling
    • audio items for early grades
    • Maze passage items
    • dropdown editing

ATI TE item types include items modeled on released item examples, and innovative designs from our professional staff of experienced item writers. Our writing staff has added 14,000 TE items to the bank and continues to add 400 TE items per month to promote student proficiency with these item types.
For a demonstration of these item types please contact ATI Field Services.

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Teacher Dashboard Now Live, Admin Dashboard Coming Soon

All stakeholders have access from Galileo Dashboards to intervention tools that assist in improving student achievement. ATI is in the process of making a number of exciting enhancements to the Galileo K-12 application including to the Teacher Dashboard and Admin Dashboard (formerly the School Performance Dashboard). These enhancements benefit users by offering one-click accessibility, responsive design, efficiency, integration, smart technology, and convenience. 

Many educators are looking for a quick method to access enrichment and remediation activities. The new Teacher Dashboard, now available to all districts, makes it easier than ever for teachers to access actionable assessment information along with recommendations for student groupings, targeted standards for differentiated instruction, and links to standards-based instructional materials (e.g., Instructional Dialogs, materials from KHAN ACADEMY®). This can easily be done via recommendations in the Instruction Performance Tracker and the Intervention Alert Reports. As shown in the following screen shot, both reports are accessed via drill-downs from the Teacher Dashboard

View a brief tutorial covering the new Teacher Dashboard also access it and other videos from YouTube.
View a 30 minute webinar on Galileo's enhanced interfaces.

Teacher Dashboard - click to enlarge

Revisions to the Admin Dashboard are nearly complete and will be released soon. The Admin Dashboard supports the evaluation of student growth and achievement, along with intervention activities at the school- and district-level. The Admin Dashboard will include similar enhancements found in the Teacher Dashboard to help improve the ease-of-use and accessibility from a variety of devices. The following screen shot offers a peek inside the new Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard - click to enlarge

Contact a friendly field services coordinator for a demo or further information.