Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Proactive Professional Development - Upcoming Learning on Demand

The Galileo Online professional development program includes a variety of topics designed to prepare all users to take full advantage of all that Galileo technology has to offer. We know that flexibility is important, so our professional development team provides a variety of training options. These include on-site large-group professional development sessions at District provided computer labs as well as web-based training through small-group live and recorded webinars, Learning on Demand sessions, pre- and recorded video tutorials, and quick reference guides accessed through the Help Files

One of the most popular resources is the complimentary Learning on Demand webinar and video series. Several Learning on Demand sessions are approaching for both K-12 and Pre-K users. Register on the "Upcoming" tab to take full advantage of these offerings. Each session is offered first as a live webinar and then as a recording of the webinar available through the Galileo Help Files. Sessions focus on a single topic related to the basics of Galileo. With live demonstrations and interaction from ATI's professional development team, this is a great opportunity to increase your proficiency as a Galileo user.


  • K-12: Interpreting Student Growth and Achievement Data Across Pre/Post Assessment DataWednesday, May 1
  • K-12: Completing the Assessment PlannerTuesday, June 11
  • Pre-K: The Galileo Pre-K Parent Center, May 15
  • Pre-K: Agency-Created Custom Child Forms, June 18
Register on the "Upcoming" tab.

For more information contact us at 1.800.367.4762 or by emailing us at GalileoInfo@ati-online.com. Thank you for your ongoing interest in Galileo!