Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lesson Plan Documentation: A Great Use of Instructional Dialogs

Galileo Instructional Dialogs can serve as a unique recordkeeping tool for teacher documentation of which standards are covered during each teaching day as well as very detailed notes about the actual lessons or activities used in the classroom.

Start with a template Instructional Dialog with just the title on each slide. This Instructional Dialog may be created at the beginning of the year using whatever lesson plan format the teacher or the district advocates. Copy the template dialog.

Once the template is copied, fill in the blanks.

The lesson plan is preserved electronically and attached to a standard. The teacher only needs to view the resource in order to see the lesson plan.

A completed lesson plan in a different electronic format may also be attached as a resource.
Generate a short quiz at the end of the Instructional Dialog. This can check the effectiveness of the lesson.

Finally, schedule the dialog which will allow the Instructional Dialog/lesson plan to show up on Galileo’s class calendar for an effortless view of what has been accomplished in the classroom.

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