Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arizona Math Crosswalk Released

ATI’s Assessment and Instructional Design Department is working on the development of new items aligned to the Arizona Common Core State Standards. These standards, while similar to the national Common Core State Standards, contain additional local standards, comprising 15 percent of the total.

With the release of the Arizona Math K-12 Crosswalk, we are now incorporating the examples and explanations that the Arizona Department of Education has provided. These examples and explanations are intended to provide Arizona educators with a fundamental understanding of the types of assessment items students will be able to address in the next generation of state assessments, anticipated in 2014.

As we work toward full implementation of the Common Core State Standards in all states, the Assessment and Instructional Design team will work with the Crosswalks and the examples and explanations of each state to help our partner districts to plan and implement assessments that will have them ready for the full implementation of Common Core-based state assessments.

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