Monday, March 14, 2011

ASK Technology

Would your District benefit from the ability to move your existing assessments of all types into a technology-based environment? ASK Technology allows you to import, schedule, administer online with optional use of response pads or bubble sheet responding, and automatically score the results for assessments originally developed external to Galileo K-12 Online technology. ASK Technology is especially useful for administering district end-of-chapter, -unit or -course assessments in higher grade levels.

We understand time is important and made sure that ASK Technology was designed to import pre-existing assessment content with ease. With ASK Technology districts can:

- Import Pre-Existing Assessment Content Anytime. Content may be imported immediately following Galileo implementation as well as at any point in the future. There is no need to design and schedule importation at one specific time or at a district level.

- Import a Variety of Content Formats. ASK Technology is compatible with a wide variety of content formats and can accommodate a wide variety of curricula. As long as tests can be saved to a common file type such as PDF, the tests can be imported using ASK Technology.

- Administer, Score, and View Pre-Existing Content Online. Since ASK tests are stored online, assessments can be administered, scored, reported on, and viewed online.

- Report on Pre-Existing Content Using Galileo Reporting Capabilities. Like all Galileo assessments, results from ASK assessments can be viewed in a wide variety of user-friendly reports, including those that involve item-level information. For example, a teacher examining the Detailed Item Analysis Report may notice that students are having difficulty with a particular item and wish to view the item to determine possible explanations for the difficulty. ASK Technology makes viewing the item online possible.

- Enable Psychometric Analyses of Pre-Existing Content. As with all Galileo assessments, when an ASK assessment is administered to a sufficiently large number of students, it is possible to conduct psychometric analyses to generate DL scores, place tests on a common scale, and update item characteristics such as item difficulty, item discrimination, and guessing. This type of information provides data on the extent to which items are contributing effectively to the measurement of student abilities being assessed.

- Align Pre-Existing Content to Standards. Pre-existing items can be aligned to standards using the ASK interface. In addition, when new standards are adopted, these items can easily be aligned to the new standards by simply selecting the appropriate new standard for each item within the ASK interface.

We would be happy to discuss with you the number of ways in which ASK Technology can help your District. Leave a comment on the post or give us a call at 1.877.442.5453. You can also sign up for an online overview on our website.

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