Monday, June 20, 2011

Instructional Effectiveness Assessment

You spoke of a need to determine the effectiveness of instruction and we listened. After many conversations with our users, ATI has taken a proactive approach to client needs by expanding its comprehensive assessment system with the development of Instructional Effectiveness Assessment. The assessments used for instructional effectiveness are standards-based and incorporated into ongoing assessment planning, test construction, test scheduling, administration, data analysis, and reporting activities.

Galileo’s Instructional Effectiveness Assessment offers users several major advantages thanks to ATI’s many decades of experience in educational research and work with a variety of clients.

Benefits of Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Effectiveness Assessment:
• Provides instructional effectiveness information that can assist educational programs to elevate student learning;
• Provides a flexible approach supporting local control of instructional evaluation;
• Relates the evaluation of instruction to the mastery of state standards;
• Provides K-12 coverage for the Instructional Effectiveness Assessment approach;
• Uses advanced mathematical models to explain class and school variations in student academic progress;
• Provides reliable and valid Instructional Effectiveness Assessments that are effective in forecasting standards mastery;
• Minimizes the level of effort required to implement an Instructional Effectiveness Assessment initiative using automation procedures supporting construction, scheduling, scoring, and reporting
• Uses data on the performance of hundreds of thousands of students to identify the influence on learning of contextual variables such as poverty, attendance, and mobility;
• Maintains history supporting instructional effectiveness analyses over multiple years
• Provides independent evaluations of each class and school that support and encourage the success of all educators in elevating student achievement;
• Provides mathematical models capable of documenting academic progress for small samples of students.

For more information on ATI’s approach to Instructional Effectiveness and our pilot project, click here.

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