Monday, August 29, 2011

Educational Partners

ATI is dedicated to strengthening ongoing and forming new partnerships with leaders and organizations in the areas of educational research, technology, and public policy at both the state and federal levels. It is our belief thar relationships formed between educational partners provide the foundation for effective implementation of educational reform in schools, districts, and statewide initiatives aimed at elevating student achievement.

ATI’s collaboration with its partners helps to strengthen the integrated services to ATI clients. These integrated services include: 1) the Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement System; 2) the Partnership Model; and 3) Professional Development and Research Services. Delivery of these services occurs within the context of a collaborative Instructional Improvement Cycle comprised of plan, act, evaluate/adapt. The evaluation step leads to further goal setting, planning, and implementation of the next cycle.

ATI’s educational partners who share the goal to support the use of technology to promote learning include:

Design Science
Follett Software Company
SMART Technologies

Learn more about our educational partners.

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