Monday, December 12, 2011

Testing Activity Report

Galileo K-12 Online includes a number of useful administrative reports designed for such tasks as checking demographic data for errors and monitoring user activity. One of the administrative reports available in Galileo K-12 Online that may be particularly useful this time of year is the Testing Activity Report. This report can be run at the district or school level and can assist administrators in monitoring the extent to which scheduled benchmark or formative assessments have been taken.

To use the Testing Activity Report, the administrator selects a timeframe for assessments he or she wishes to monitor. A key feature is that you can select whether to display all tests administered during the selected time period, only benchmark tests, or only formative tests.

The resulting report lists all the selected assessments scheduled during the chosen time period, the number of students scheduled to take the tests, and the number who have done so.

If the Testing Activity Report is generated at the school level, another useful feature is that administrators can drill-down to get a list of classes and the percent of completion for each. With this information, administrators can identify potential problems and work with their staff toward a solution.

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