Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dashboard Technology

Galileo Dashboard technology provides an easily accessible gateway to the simultaneous viewing of high-value, real-time, actionable reports. Your user login information will determine the Dashboard view available when you access Galileo which means that you can see immediately and all in one place the information most relevant to your specific needs. The Dashboard page can be viewed at three levels: A District Level View, a School Level View, and a Staff Level (teacher) View. 

The District Level and School Level views provide in a single location technology to manage a complete Instructional Effectiveness System. System tools include Instructional Effectiveness Rating Scales, Rating Results, aggregated measures of student growth, and an Evaluation Score Compiler Summary that differentially weights and automatically combines diverse indicators of education effectiveness into a single educator effectiveness score.

The Staff Level View includes a home page and an Instructional Effectiveness page. The home page provides teachers with a quick view of recent and upcoming events such as tests, assignments, lessons, and more. The Instructional Effectiveness page includes a Performance Tracker assisting teachers to plan both future instruction and reteaching interventions. In addition, the page provides a Teacher Proficiency Profile and an overall evaluation of instructional effectiveness used to plan professional development. 

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