Monday, January 13, 2014

Galileo K-12 Online Dashboards and Instructional Effectiveness

To support instructional effectiveness (IE) initiatives, ATI has restructured the Galileo K-12 Online Dashboard based on task sets.  The views were formerly role based into “administrator view” and “staff view.”  The new views are “Instructional Effectiveness View,” “School Performance View,” and “Teaching View.”
  1. The Instructional Effectiveness View is for all IE-related information. There are two tabs with the IE Administration tab containing tools for staff evaluation, available to staff with appropriate permissions, and the Staff IE Results tab with data for individual staff members (available to all user levels for themselves as well as other staff when appropriate permissions are in place).
    a.    Reports on the IE Administration tab include:
        i.    Administer Proficiency Ratings
        ii.    Score Compiler Summary
        iii.    Proficiency Rating Scale Results by School
    b.    Reports on the Staff IE Results tab include:
        i.    Student Growth and Achievement
        ii.    Proficiency Rating Results
        iii.    Score Compiler Report
  2. The School Performance View contains data summative at the school level, displaying data that gives an overview of different student growth measures (available to school-level users and above).  Reports on this view include:
    a.    Categorical Growth Summary
    b.    Student Growth and Achievement by School   
    c.    Value-Added Model
  3. The Teaching View is for accessing classroom-level instructional tools and assessment results.  There is a Home tab with widgets for working with classes and intervention groups and is available to all user levels with access to any given class or intervention group.  Reports on the Teaching View include:
    a.    Recent Events
    b.    Upcoming Events
    c.    Class Roster
    d.    Class Risk Level Summary
    e.    Student Growth and Achievement by Class
Learn more about the Galileo K-12 Online dashboards here.

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