Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Have you ever wondered what goes into a Comprehensive Assessment System?

Merriam-Webster defines comprehensive as: covering completely or broadly and inclusive.  By definition, a Comprehensive Assessment System should include assessments which provide teachers with the ability to collect a wide range of student data including growth, ability estimates, and effectiveness of instruction. Using a variety of ATI’s assessment options can assist districts to meet this goal.

ATI’s Assessment System Offerings currently include:

Comprehensive Benchmark Assessment Series (CBAS)
• Comprehensive Benchmark Series with Open Response Items
• Comprehensive Benchmark Series with Multiple-Choice Items (scannable)
• Comprehensive Benchmark Series with Technology Enhanced Items

Computerized Adaptive Tests (CAT) Series

Formative Assessment Series
• Formative Assessments with Technology –Enhanced items
• Formative Assessments with Performance-Based Tasks
• Formative Assessments with Writing Prompts
• Formative Assessments with Writing Prompts with Customized Scoring Rubrics
• Formative Assessments with Multiple-Choice Items (scannable)

Early Education Assessment Series
• Early Education Assessments with Technology-Enhanced items
• Early Education Assessments with Individually Administered items

Instructional Effectiveness Series
• Comprehensive Pretests
• Comprehensive Posttests

District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments
• District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments with Technology –Enhanced items
• District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments with Performance-Based Tasks
• District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments with Writing Prompts
• District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments with Writing Prompts with Customized Scoring Rubrics
• District Curriculum-Aligned Assessments with Multiple-Choice Items (scannable)

Universal Screening Series
• Universal Screening Series with Technology-Enhanced items 
• Universal Screening Series with Multiple-Choice Items (scannable)

Placement Series

Course Examination Series
• Course Examination Series with Technology-Enhanced Items
• Course Examination Series with Multiple-Choice Items (scannable)
• Course Examination Series with Open Response Items

ATI-Built District-Created Assessments – Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative
• ATI-Built District-Created Assessments with Technology-Enhanced Items
• ATI-Built District-Created Assessments with Open Response Items
• ATI-Built District-Created Assessments with Multiple-Choice items (printable)

References: "Comprehensive." Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, 2015. Web. 21 Jan. 2015.

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