Monday, November 23, 2015

The Categorical Growth Score Management Page

It is now possible for district Instructional Effectiveness (IE) administrators to modify and customize the data elements being factored into a teacher’s Categorical Growth Score. Data elements may be added and removed as needed from the Categorical Growth Score Management page.  

The Categorical Growth Summary widget provides data on whether the teachers or selected schools have maintained the expected growth of their students in the selected subjects. Galileo has automated the way student assessment data is linked to teachers, however sometimes district like to customize the assessments, classes and/or students pulled into a teacher’s categorical growth score.   

The Categorical Growth Score Management page is available to District- and School-level users who have been given the User Has Access to Instructional Effectiveness Tools permission. If provided the appropriate IE permissions, the Settings icon will appear at the top of the Categorical Growth Summary widget.

For instructions on using this new tool, click here.

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