Monday, August 29, 2016

K-12 Online Help Files

Galileo K-12 Online help is within reach. When working in Galileo K-12, just click the User Options/Help menu and select Help. With a click of the mouse or a finger tap on a tablet you have a wealth of information to help you use Galileo effectively and efficiently.  

Whenever Galileo K-12 is enhanced, the online help files will have the most up-to-date directions. From the online help files you can quickly access links to FAQs such as:
How do I…
  • analyze data?
  • view a roster?
  • administer a test?
  • create a test?

If you prefer, you can use the Search tool to immediately access a topic. Just type the desired search words in the Search box on the right side of the page or click the magnify glass icon on the left side then press enter. The results will show you everywhere the word(s) appear in the help files.

Many industries have their jargon and abbreviations. Education is no different. ATI has included a Glossary to help you understand key words and concepts referenced throughout the application. Click the book icon located in the upper left corner and locate the term along with the definition.

Once you have accessed the desired topic, you can follow the directions, print out the directions, open quick reference guides and view videos. 

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