Monday, December 19, 2016

Digital Curriculum Platforms in Data-Driven Educational Practice

Sensitive to the importance of incorporating dynamic digital curriculum with research-based assessment, actionable reporting, and effective instruction, ATI has developed the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform. The fully integrated platform supports the easy integration of existing curriculum content, the development of new curriculum content, and the modification of curriculums as needed. Through the platform, districts and charters can disseminate and manage curriculum, facilitate data-driven instruction, engage students in multimodal interactive learning, and evaluate curriculum impact on learning outcomes. 

Recently at the Arizona Educational Research Organization (AERO) Annual Meeting in Phoenix, ATI Senior Research Scientist Dr. Sarah Estrada presented the key note address, “Research Questions Guiding Use of Digital Curriculum Platforms in Data-Driven Practice.” She discussed the digital curriculum implementation cycle and provided essential questions for educators to consider at each phase of the cycle. Examples of innovative data collection and evaluations tools were demonstrated showing how they support the functionality of the platform. Additionally, Dr. Estrada described how each stakeholder could benefit from the implementation of a digital curriculum platform. For example: 

  • Curriculum Developers can make periodic updates to curriculum, instructional resources, and assessments based on evaluation of content effectiveness and availability of new content
  • Educators can differentiate instruction, plan intervention/enrichment activities, and adapt assessment in real-time based on student mastery
  • Students can track their own progress and immediately see the impact of their efforts
  • Parents can evaluate student progress and focus additional support where it is most needed

Learn more by viewing the presentation slides.

For more information on how to join those districts already implementing the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform, contact our friendly Field Services Coordinators.

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