Monday, December 4, 2017

How to integrate content expertise with innovative technology to promote data-driven learning

The Arizona Educational Research Organization (AERO) 2017 Annual Meeting The Promise and Future of Public Education in Arizona: Interrogating the Opportunities and Risks Ahead is slated for Dec. 9, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. ATI, as a company founded and headquartered in Arizona, is proud to participate and sponsor the event that unites Arizona educational researchers, assessment and curriculum leads, and directors of technology who are passionate about improving student learning. Additionally, ATI continues to support hundreds of districts across 32 states serving hundreds of thousands of students every day.

Sarah Estrada, ATI Senior Research Scientist, and Susan Jacobs, WestEd Curriculum and Assessment Architect and Professional Development Facilitator, have been invited to share their insights on how researchers, policy makers, and educators can gather, understand, and use formative data to maximize teaching and learning. Sarah and Susan’s interactive presentation will engage educational leaders in examining how districts and schools can integrate content expertise with innovative technology to help ensure that instruction responds to the implications of student performance data in targeted and meaningful ways. During the presentation, the group will explore a sample dataset as Sarah and Susan share guidance related to understanding complex measures of student performance, avoiding common pitfalls in interpretation, and using data to inform effective strategies that improve student learning.

Educational leaders can choose from hundreds of technologies and implementation supports to improve student achievement and often have multiple complex initiatives underway concurrently. The right approach and expertise can make these initiatives and supports more cohesive and manageable for educators. Streamlining supports improves morale and buy in, makes data transparent and actionable, and results in visible impacts on student achievement. ATI and WestEd can help districts and schools meet educators where they are and build capacity over time. 

To find out more about the partnership solutions, contact us. Learn more about the AERO Annual Meeting. 

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