Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Explore Galileo K-12 and Discover the Power behind a Research-Based Assessment Solution

The future in assessment is here at ATI bringing the highest quality of assessment and reporting to educators just in time for back to school 2019. Join us as we highlight the Galileo K-12 Online Comprehensive Assessment System offering support for universal screening and progress monitoring for District needs kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Choose from a wide variety of pre-built comprehensive benchmarks/screeners aligned to State Standards in ELA and mathematics as well as pre-built benchmarks/screeners aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. The Galileo K-12 assessments are built to comprehensively reflect the content and skills reflected in state and national standards, ensuring that the assessments can provide relevant and sufficient information about student learning to support decisions about whether students are on track or at risk. Galileo K-12 assessments are designed to screen, diagnose, and monitor students’ learning and to inform instruction in language arts, and math.  

What this brief video and dig deep into the dynamic technology found in Galileo 

Get a first-hand look at Galileo K-12 in this brief video tour where it highlights an array of integrated assessments and reporting tools designed for students, parents, and educators. Learn more about universal screening and benchmark assessments, progress monitoring using formative assessments, state test forecasting, a dyslexia screening toolkit, student-parent portal, and much more. Timely accurate feedback offered through Galileo K-12 throughout the school year gives educators the power to personalize instruction which can help accelerate the rate of learning. 

Galileo K-12 gives educators power to personalize instruction for students 

Continue to learn by accessing other Galileo Tour videos found on the Assessment Technology, Incorporated YouTube page. New videos are added all the time, including the “Did You Know” series videos, which highlights some of the most used functions in Galileo K-12. Bookmark the page and come back to it as a quick reference source. Contact us today to schedule a personal guided demonstration of Galileo K-12.

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