Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It's Go Time for Galileo K-12 Implementation

ATI and Imagine Learning joined forces in March 2019! While the Galileo K-12 program features you are familiar with such as test scheduling and administration are staying the same, the way you access the Galileo K-12 program and manage user accounts has changed. Review all of the updates below before you begin rostering and testing this year.
Kick off the onboarding process
Start the new 2019-20 rostering and data upload process by completing the Back to School Onboarding Registration form as soon as possible. Once you complete the form, Imagine Learning’s Customer Experience team will reach out to help create your personalized onboarding plan.

TIP! Start the onboarding process with Imagine Learning before you begin rostering for the 2019-20 school year.

Log into Galileo K-12
Logging in via web browser? You and your students will now log into Galileo at login.imaginelearning.com. You can also access the new URL from the existing ATI staff/student login pages (click the “Login via Imagine Learning” button).

Logging in via Clever SSO? You will log in to Clever the same way you are used to via a new Clever icon.

Roster and manage Galileo K-12 accounts manually If you are rostering and managing classes and accounts manually in Galileo K-12, the student and staff management experience has been updated.

The new Student and Staff Management page can be found in the same place you are familiar with for managing accounts - under the Setup tab.
  • Instructions for how to roster and manage classes and staff/student accounts

Prepare your technology for using Galileo K-12
  • Ensure URLs on the Galileo Whitelist are accessible on network security devices.
  • Confirm that your hardware and software align with Galileo system requirements.

Develop your assessment plan
Finally, don’t forget to develop your assessment plan and testing schedule. It’s time to contact an Educational Management Services coordinator to request the delivery of your tests.

New login in process views from the educator and student login interface
We look forward to being your partner in education. If you have any questions about these steps, please contact the Imagine Learning Customer Care Team at 866.457.8776 (call or text) or support@imaginelearning.com

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