Thursday, March 19, 2009

Galileo Interventions Trial Offer/WebEx

Following the Educational Intervention Forum, many districts not currently clients of ATI have expressed an interest in a free trial which would allow them to sample Instructional Dialogs. Dialogs are instructional materials including questions to assist in checking for understanding during instruction and concluded with optional short formative tests to document student participation/performance. Districts who would like to participate in the trial offer will be setup with a district account in Galileo that will allow them to access ATI developed dialogs and use them for instruction in a few classes.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about other components of the system, a WebEx can be set up. A WebEx is a guided tour of the system over the Internet. Please contact the Field Services department at 800-367-4762 Ext. 124 to obtain more information about the free trial or WebEx.

Attention Current Clients: You can obtain assistance in Instructional Dialog use by calling the Educational Management Services department at 800-367-4762 Ext. 138.

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Anonymous said...

While our teachers love the dialogues, the real value, from their standpoint, is the ability to identify and assign the assignment/quiz each student needs based on individual benchmark results (Assessments > Test Results > Benchmark Results), and to do it in about ten clicks! This ensures that time in the computer lab is spent addressing the specific educational need(s) for each risk group, having the greatest impact on student growth. Talk about data-driven instruction!
It would be nice if those accessing a free trial of the dialogues saw that aspect of them!