Monday, April 20, 2009

Using the Trial Offer to the Fullest

Those who attended the February Educational Interventions Forum hosted by Assessment Technology, Incorporated received an offer to participate in a trial of Instructional Dialogs in Galileo Online that were specifically built for forum participants. Assessment Technology's Instructional Dialogs are interactive, technology-based instructional content, , which involves educators in developing and sharing proven educational strategies through lessons designed to increase student mastery of state and local academic standards.

The Instructional Dialogs created for the Educational Interventions Forum were assembled into customized sets for each of the states involved in the forum. The intent was to offer participants a quick, easy to use set of interventions that would allow for a quick review or a new approach to introduce standards that were likely to appear on the end of year state test. Now as state testing is wrapping up in some states and soon to begin in others there is still an opportunity to use the Instructional Dialogs. The combination of instructional content and immediate feedback provided by the optional test attached to the dialog will allow you to evaluate areas that may still be essential to the completion of the courses the students are finishing this semester.

Accessing the available Instructional Dialogs from the trial offer will allow a quick and simple learning experience focused on one of these important standards. The use of the trial dialogs will also allow teachers to familiarize themselves with the types of activities that are available through the Galileo Instructional Dialogs banks. Districts who already subscribe to Galileo for their educational management and assessment needs will be able to sample these Instructional Dialogs and then move to working with the more than 800 dialogs written for math and English. For districts considering Galileo, the dialogs will provide an indication of the types of instructional content that Assessment Technology is committed to providing through our continuous expansion of the Instructional Dialogs.

To access the trial dialogs, please contact the Field Services department at Assessment Technology, Inc. (520) 323-9033 or 1-800-367-4762.

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