Monday, August 10, 2009

ATI offers a New Tool for Professional Development

This school year, users will see something new in the yellow user options menu. There is now a link to the Forum.

The Professional Development Forum provides Galileo users the opportunity to share their experiences, ask questions, and obtain Professional Development assistance from the experts at ATI. This is an electronic, user-driven discussion board. The goal for the Forum is to create an online community for educators, where ideas can be shared and support can be found.

When a Galileo user clicks on the forum link, they are brought to the discussion board where they peruse the topics listed. To actively participate in the forum, the user must register. Registering for the forum is accomplished with a few simple strokes of the keyboard and a click of a mouse.

Once users have registered for the Forum, they will see that it is divided into a number of categories such as Assessments, Data Management, Dialogs, and Reports. There is an ATI News category where you can learn about new features of Galileo and a section where you have an opportunity to provide ATI with suggestions for product development.

One of the most popular areas of the Forum is the Resource Library where users can download training manuals and Quick Reference Guides. In the Resource Library users will also find short video tutorials. These may be accessed and replayed as frequently as the user desires.

Join the Galileo Professional Development Forum today! We look forward to your participation.

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