Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Galileo Data Import Process

Many schools are welcoming students back from summer break. With returning students comes a new Galileo program year, accompanied by new class lists and rosters.

For those new to the process, the best way to create your class lists and rosters is through the Galileo Data Importation process. Through this process, districts provide an export from their Student Information System (SIS) that lists all classes, teachers, and students within the district. ATI staff then import this data directly into Galileo K-12 Online once the import has passed quality assurance. Instructions for the import process can be found in the Tech Support section of Galileo K-12 (and Preschool) Online, as well as at the following links:



As you prepare your 2009-2010 program year data for import, please remember the following important points:

1) Be sure to include all required information in your import.

2) Optional information is not required in the Galileo database, but failure to include this information may adversely affect filtering.

3) If TeacherID or StudentID fields change within your SIS, please notify ATI prior to providing any import files to ensure proper transition within the Galileo database.

Please refer to the links above for more details about the import process.

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