Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating A Secure Test Environment

As computer-based testing becomes more common and the students participating are increasingly computer-savvy, the security landscape changes. Where teachers used to be solely responsible for security, schools now ensure the integrity of tests with additional input from the district IS/IT department.

A secure testing environment can be created in a number of ways. The principles are similar to those applied to any classroom or lab with student-used computers – situations where access to the district LAN and Internet is limited and/or monitored. Many districts find that the creation of a secure testing environment relies on methods and tools already in place, with little modification.

The principles of creating a secure environment apply equally to an Internet-based or LAN-based testing scenario. If access to non-testing websites, servers, and applications is not restricted during the testing session, the opportunity to inappropriately access and/or share information is still present. A properly secured testing environment will achieve the desired result of ensuring accurate assessment of student knowledge whether the test server is accessed through the Internet or over the district LAN.

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