Monday, May 23, 2011

Instructional Dialogs: Customized, Interactive, Online Lessons and Assignments

Designed to provide practice and instruction to increase standards mastery in reading/language arts, mathematics, and science, Instructional Dialogs are customized, interactive, online instructional lessons and assignments aligned to state standards.

Galileo K-12 Online currently includes over 1,600 Instructional Dialogs and additional Instructional Dialogs are developed on an ongoing basis by ATI’s experienced Assessment and Instructional Design staff. As standards change, ATI Instructional Dialogs are remapped to the appropriate new standard. For example, ATI is currently aligning Instructional Dialogs to the Common Core State Standards.

Each Instructional Dialog is a series of slides that can be used as a teacher-led lesson for the entire class or as an independent assignment used by an individual student or group of students. Dialogs are designed to take advantage of the best instructional practice available and may be customized to reflect whatever format for instruction the educational system chooses.

See a sample Instructional Dialog here.

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