Monday, October 10, 2011

Using the Intervention Alert Report

The Intervention Alert Report lists all of the learning standards on a given assessment and displays the percentage of students who have demonstrated mastery of the learning standards. The learning standards listed that do not have 75 percent of students mastering them, will be highlighted in red. This allows the users to easily identify the standards on which interventions should focus. This is an actionable report that allows the user to schedule Assignments and Quizzes, or drill-down through the data to view individual Student Results.

The Intervention Alert Report provides a rich source of data for guiding evaluation. Each Intervention Alert Report provides information about what is happening in regards to students’ learning. The information on the report provides detailed data about students’ strengths as well as areas where additional intervention or planning will be beneficial. The Intervention Alert provides educators with an efficient means of tracking student mastery of different standards at many different levels of aggregation. The report can be run at the District-, School-, or Class-level. Educators may use the information to evaluate mastery of standards and to make plans accordingly.

1. Review your data… What does your data tell you about your classes and the students?
Which standards did students learn?
Which standards require additional focus to promote mastery?
What were the expectations for student learning?
Did the learning you expected occur?

2. Ask questions of your data… How can the data be used to provide learning opportunities for students that reflect class-level goals?
What mastery levels do most of your students fall into? For which standards?
Who are the students in each grouping? What Intervention Groups need to be
What variables that you know of could be impacting student achievement?

3. Use your data to begin the goal setting, planning and intervention process.
What expectations do you have for learning in the months ahead? For example,
what type of movement do you hope to see from one mastery level to the next?
Which standards will you target?
What plans will be put in place to achieve these goals?
What can school personnel do to help you support individual students and their learning?

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