Monday, July 30, 2012

Deciding on What Types of Assessments to Use in 2012-13

As districts design their assessment plans for the year, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Answering the following questions can help expedite the process.

1) What subjects and grade levels would your district like to assess for 2012-13?

ATI has math, reading, writing, and science item banks currently available for creating assessments.

2) Does your district want to assess the current standards or the new Common Core State Standards?

ATI has made all sets of item banks available for 2012-13 assessment creation.

3) Does your district have a pacing guide?

A predetermined pacing guide puts your district in a good position to consider ATI’s district-curriculum aligned assessment benchmarks. If not, consider ATI’s comprehensive or state blueprint assessments.

4) Is having decision-making data including data reflecting outcomes from instruction, informing next steps in instruction or predicting how students will do on the state tests the priority for your district?

No matter what your district’s priorities, ATI will create assessments which suit district assessment needs.

5) Does your district have a method for collecting and using valid and reliable data to evaluate teachers to comply with new state laws?

If the answer is “No,” ask your district Field Services Coordinator about ATI’s instructional effectiveness assessments.

6) Would a pretest and posttest benefit teachers and students?

ATI has premade pretests and posttests that are ready and available for the standards for K-12 English language arts, math, and science.

Once you have answered the following questions contact your Educational Management Services or Field Services representative and begin the test creation process. ATI can have premade assessments ready to administer within two weeks and district-curriculum aligned assessments in six weeks.

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