Monday, August 6, 2012

Instructional Effectiveness and Student Growth

With widespread interest regarding the evaluation of instructional effectiveness, many states have enacted new legislation outlining assessment requirements to guide the evaluation process. In particular, there is an increasing focus on including measures of student growth as part of the evaluation framework.

To assist you, and in keeping with the premise of instructional effectiveness (IE) - that good teaching and effective educational management can enhance student learning, the Galileo Instructional Effectiveness Assessment System (IEAS) has been developed. Key to the system are highly reliable IE pretests and posttests, designed to assess student academic progress and growth occurring during the school year. Going further, the IEAS provides data about student achievement and growth derived from advanced statistical analyses including Categorical Growth Analysis. The IEAS also provides additional tools, content, and reports to assist districts in developing effective and defensible educator/administrator evaluation systems. 

To explore the Galileo IEAS further, please contact an ATI Field Services Coordinator. We look forward to describing how the Galileo IEAS can be easily incorporated into your local instructional improvement plans to help meet the goals of your state legislation/framework for instructional effectiveness.

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