Monday, August 20, 2012

Reliability and Validity: Key Considerations when Measuring Student Growth

How can pretest reliability be enhanced without lengthening the assessment?  
Here at ATI we have created comprehensive pretests and posttests to assist districts and schools in the measurement of student growth over the entire year. Increasingly, districts and schools are using data about student growth in the evaluation of instructional effectiveness.  It is important to maximize the reliability of these assessments so that they provide the most precise estimates of student ability and growth. In some cases, the reliability of traditional pretests may be lower than is desirable since students may perform poorly on an assessment composed of items assessing a set of current grade level standards on which they have not yet received any instruction. ATI’s current approach to the design of pretests is to maximize pretest reliability by including on it items that assess current grade-level standards as well as items that assess prior grade level standards on which students previously received instruction. ATI has conducted research examining the effects of the inclusion of items that assess prior grade level standards on the reliability of the assessments. To learn more about the findings of this research, click here to read the research brief.

What would help you be more effective and what tools are you looking for to help provide the data needed for decision making?
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