Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Custom Test Report

The Custom Test Report is a valuable tool for viewing formative and benchmark test results, including student demographic data that can be used to compare result sets. Filtering and sorting data within a Custom Test Report is easy using Excel. To benefit from the power of this tool, just create your custom test report as desired. 

After creating the report, click the link to show “Custom Test Report Activity”:

On the main Custom Test Report activity page, wait for your report name to appear on the list and click the filename to open the report:


The file will open in your default text editor. Next, use the keystroke combination “Control+A” to select all text in the file, then use keystroke “Control+C” to copy the text to your computer’s clipboard.

Once the content is copied to the clipboard, open Excel and select cell A1, then use the keystroke combination “Control+V” to paste the content into the spreadsheet. Left-click in the cell above and to the left of A1 to highlight the entire sheet, then double left-click on the border between columns A and B to expand all columns to the appropriate width:

Next, just click on “Home” -> “Sort & Filter” -> “Filter” to set the auto-filtering:

Once this is complete, choose any filtering value you wish. For example, filtering based on grade levels is done by clicking the down-arrow at the top of the appropriate column and then eliminating all undesired grade levels:

Note the report is now filtered appropriately by removing all non-fourth-grade students:

Alternatively, you can sort data within any column by selecting the desired column and using the “Sort & Filter” button selections:

For more information or a quick reference guide on how to create a Custom Test Report, please contact your Field Services Coordinator.

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