Monday, January 28, 2013

Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative

Last spring, we announced an exciting initiative in which Assessment Technology Incorporated began a partnership with Galileo districts and schools to create a community item bank for the purpose of developing reliable, valid, and fair assessments for non-state-tested subjects. We are pleased with the response from districts and are excited for next steps.

To date, we have 17 districts and charter schools within Arizona and Massachusetts that are participating in the Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative. Amongst those that have written items, we currently have over 7,000 items across multiple grades and subjects. While many districts are striving to develop content for a fall 2013 pretest, we have been fortunate to have a district that has already created and is administering a pretest. 

Looking forward, we are scheduling additional professional development sessions with districts and schools, and we will be expanding the initiative to other states. Participation in the initiative provides many benefits to the district and schools including:
  1. The ability to develop pretest and posttests to measure student achievement for non-state tested subjects.
  2. Access to items developed by all participating districts.
  3. Professional development on item development.
  4. ATI provided psychometric analyses including properties of items and the validity and reliability of assessments.
For more information on the Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document or contact a Field Services Coordinator at 1.800.367.4762 or at

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