Monday, February 18, 2013

Intervention Group Activities Page

Intervention Groups are a popular feature in Galileo K-12 Online used to group students who share a common trait or demographic, but who are not enrolled in the same class (or classes).  An example use would be to group all English Language Learner students in a particular grade for special testing purposes. 

Intervention Groups can then be used for class-like events such as scheduling tests, quizzes, and Instructional Dialogs.  A new feature in Galileo K-12 Online allows you to work more easily with Intervention Groups by allowing you to see all scheduled events.  To use this feature, just go to the Intervention Groups page (Setup -> School Info -> Intervention Groups) and then click the “Intervention Group Scheduled Events” link at right:

Once an Intervention Group and Library are selected, all activities in that library will be displayed in one simple screen:

For more information on Intervention Group features, please speak to your field services coordinator or refer to the Galileo K-12 Online Professional Development Forum. 

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