Monday, February 11, 2013

K-12 Live Webinar: Integrating Technology and Teaching Strategies to Develop Common Core Curricula

Hosted by Assessment Technology Incorporated
Date: February 26, 2013
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. MST
This webinar is complimentary.

Common Core State Standards are more than a new set of standards. They promote a fundamentally different view regarding the goals of curriculum and instructional strategies, the nature of assessment, and the relationship between instruction and assessment. In keeping with the Common Core State Standards' (CCSS) approach to education, ATI has developed new dialogic technology, new assessment technology, and new community initiatives to build and share instructional materials that not only reflect core standards, but also exemplify teaching practices designed to increase student depth of knowledge to promote college and career readiness.

This webinar will:
  • Explain the nature of curricular change needed to align instruction to the CCSS and prepare students for PARCC and SBAC assessments.
  • Outline the development of a collaborative community to build and share curriculum content and to ensure effective student performance on CCSS and PARCC/SBAC measures. 
  • Demonstrate ATI dialogic technology supporting common core community initiatives to build, adapt, organize, share, and deliver online interactive instructional content reflecting common core goals and teaching strategies. 
  • Present template instructional strategies, units, lessons and activities to support the transition of instruction to meet CCSS requirements.
  • Describe ATI resource materials and professional development opportunities to assist educators in the transition to CCSS.
Scott Cunningham, Assessment and Instructional Design Director, ATI

Scott Cunningham received his B.S. in Education from the University of Nebraska and has held teaching certifications in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Arizona. Mr. Cunningham joined ATI in 2002 and draws on his years of experience in the classroom developing interactive, academically challenging lessons and assessments in his current role of supervising the design of item specifications and models for instructional content for consistent measurement of Common Core State Standards. Mr. Cunningham also trains and supervises a team of ATI content specialists in the creation of instructional and assessment content aligned to the Common Core State Standards. As part of ATI's collaborative Community Assessment Item Bank, Mr. Cunningham has served with our Professional Development department to engage teachers from all subject areas in the methods and skills necessary to the development of assessment content that measures effectiveness in instruction. Additionally, he is leading the team that is developing ATI's innovative Instructional Dialogs, a model of interactive, technology-based instruction, which involves educators in developing and sharing proven educational strategies through lessons designed to increase student achievement.

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