Monday, May 13, 2013

Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative Professional Development Offerings

The Community Assessment and Item Banking (CAIB) Initiative provides a way for users to develop and to share both assessment items and assessments for use in evaluating student capabilities in areas not tested on statewide assessments. As part of the initiative, ATI is offering professional development to prepare educators for developing high-quality items and is providing services related to assessment development and data analysis. Participating districts are provided access to a continually growing repository of shared, district-written, high-quality items and customized assessments in areas not currently addressed on statewide tests.

CAIB Professional Development Modules:
Professional development supporting the CAIB initiative consists of a series of three modules that guide districts through the process of developing high-quality assessment items and assessments. The first module introduces participants to the Galileo item writing and review tools and guides districts through the process of writing items for their own use. The second module takes participants through a guided review of the items they have written. Participants in this training refine their review skills and help contribute vetted items to the shared Community Item Bank. Module Three is offered online and on an ongoing basis to district staff members who have completed the first two modules and as the district wishes to refine and expand on the items available for district and community use.

To schedule a professional development session:
On-site (Modules One and Two) and webinar instruction (Module Three) is arranged through the ATI Professional Development Department. Up to 40 participants may take part in on-site sessions held at a district-provided computer lab. Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact a Professional Development staff member at 1.877.442.5453 or at for additional information, pricing, and to reserve a date.

For more information:
View Professional Development Community Assessment and Item Baking Initiative

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