Monday, June 10, 2013

ATI: Creating, Distributing, and Supporting Technology to Promote Learning

Since 1986 ATI has made it our mission to support educators through the use of research-based, innovative technology. For those of you who have wondered how ATI continues this mission year-after-year, please take a moment to browse our goals. As you will see, we take our opportunity to support today’s educators very seriously. Thank you for your interest in our company and services.

ATI Goals
  • To continue an unwavering track record of technological innovations that began in 1986 and that supports educational initiatives.
  • To sustain evolving, comprehensive educational technology that provides a single place to access curriculum, assessment, reporting, monitoring, and instructional effectiveness measurement tools. 
  • To create web-based technology and provide electronic services that: assist teachers and administrators in managing learning effectively. 
    • assist learners in acquiring new knowledge and skills. 
    • assist educators in the delivery of curriculum aligned to academic standards and learner needs. 
    • provide customized assessments aligned to standards to inform instruction and document learning outcomes. 
    • provide curriculum tools and resources to support stakeholder efforts in providing standards-based educational opportunities. 
    • provide rapid and flexible access to data used to document learning outcomes and to inform educational policy.
    • collect data as part of a locally-designed instructional-effectiveness initiative that can be used both to inform  instructional and professional development decisions made throughout the course of the year and to identify proficiency levels of teachers and administrators at the end of the year.     
  • To advance the state of knowledge through research and development designed to improve assessment and instructional technology aimed at promoting learning.
  • To provide scalable training paradigms making it possible for educational groups of any size to learn to use technology to promote learning. 
  • To provide state-of-the-art technical support when and how educators need it, across platforms and across the country. 
  • To provide responsive service when and how educators need it so that users receive maximum benefit from the electronic services provided by ATI. 
  • To promote the establishment of partnerships among teachers, parents, administrators, practitioners, and policy makers dedicated to improving the quality of education. 
  • To provide professional growth opportunities for individuals utilizing technology and for our staff that will enhance their ability to make significant contributions to the improvement of education.

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