Monday, June 24, 2013

Webinar Recording: Galileo® K-12 Online and Insight 360™: Bridging student learning, assessment, instruction, and reporting

If you missed the ATI and eInstruction June 18 webinar, Bridging student learning, assessment, instruction, and reporting - don’t worry. The webinar was recorded and is available at the following link.

Click here to watch video

The webinar recording illustrates how the integration of Galileo K-12 Online and Insight 360 can help school districts and educators implement a seamless and flexible approach to assessing student learning and providing differentiated, interactive instruction aimed at increasing student achievement and mastery of standards. Educators can easily develop and integrate locally designed instructional improvement and instructional effectiveness initiatives within one complete system. The integration also allows for evaluating student performance quickly and effectively in real-time and over a period of weeks or months with longitudinal reporting and analysis. Users further benefit from the ATI and eInstruction integration because teachers are afforded an at-your-fingertips approach to assessment, instruction, and reporting from a number of mobile and web-enabled devices.

Galileo K-12 Online is a Common Core State Standards aligned and research-supported system that includes a completely integrated array of customizable and comprehensive benchmark, formative, computer adaptive, pre-post, and end-of-course assessment tools. Also included are interactive web-based Instructional Dialogs and dialogic curriculum technology for use across any subject area. Real-time Dashboard reporting tools are also included and provide actionable data to all stakeholders to inform educational decision-making. ATI K-12 item banks currently contain over 120,000 items aligned to Common Core State Standards. ATI item banks  cover content areas ranging from math (including trigonometry), reading/English language arts, science (including biology and chemistry), and writing to art, music, foreign language, and career and technical education, to name a few.

Insight 360 is an all-in-one classroom instruction system that facilitates and simplifies instructional content planning and delivery and real-time assessment. The powerful, easy-to-use software enables educators to boost student engagement and gain immediate results on comprehension through formative and summative assessment using a variety of mobile devices such as eInstruction student response pads (clickers), smartphones, tablets, and the iPad®.

This integration makes it possible to use assessment information to guide classroom instruction, enrichment, intervention, and professional development in alignment with the goals of Common Core State Standards and educator effectiveness initiatives.

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