Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning On-Demand for Galileo K-12 Online Users

The ATI Professional Development Department offers Galileo K-12 Online users Learning On-Demand sessions to assist educators in becoming proficient users of Galileo technology with the goal of enhancing student learning. Learning On-Demand recorded and online live sessions are complimentary.

Recorded Learning On-Demand sessions for Galileo users are available now in the Professional Development Forum. Live Learning On-Demand sessions for Galileo users offer multiple dates and times for ease and flexibility.

Recorded Learning On-Demand sessions for Galileo users available now in the Professional Development Forum
To inquire about how to access the Professional Development Forum, if not already registered, contact the ATI Professional Development Department at 
  • Implementing Assessments: This session provides participants with an overview of the assessment planning process, and walks participants through the process of completing the Assessment Planner, setting staff to review the generated assessment, and the process of completing a test review.
  • Data Importation for New Users: This session walks participants new to Galileo or new to their position through the process of importing district/charter school data (schools, courses, classes, students, and teachers) into the Galileo K-12 Online environment.
Live Learning On-Demand sessions for Galileo users
To register, contact ATI Professional Development at A sampling of sessions follows. For all sessions, dates, and times available: Click here.
  • Student Enrollment: This session walks participants through manually adding, enrolling and dropping students into the Galileo system. Special emphasis is placed on when to manually handle student enrollment and when to rely on rostering via the data import.
  • Giving a Test Online: This session shows participants where to access the ATI Online Test Administration Manual and discusses the tasks that should be completed prior to online test administration (e.g., checking your class roster, obtaining student logins). The K-12 Student-Parent Center is accessed, and participants are provided with troubleshooting tips for online testing. Users are also shown how to monitor students' progress as they complete online assessments.
  • Building a Test Using Teacher-Created Test Items: This session walks participants through creating a test using Galileo's Test Builder tool. This session focuses on building a test by writing selected-response, true/false, yes/no, and short answer items. All subject area educators can benefit from this test building method.
  • Accessing Professional Development Resources:  In this session participants learn the purpose of the Galileo Professional Development Forum, how to register for the Forum, navigate the Forum, access Forum resources, and post a question to the Galileo community. Also addressed are the additional resources available within Galileo, such as the Help Files, test administration manuals, and technical documentation.

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