Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Technical Manual for Galileo® Pre-K Online

ATI is pleased to announce that the technical manual for Galileo Pre-K Online was recently revised and published. This technical manual provides an overview of the theoretical background and research underlying the ongoing development of Galileo Pre-K Online from ATI. This document also describes the technical and psychometric properties of Galileo Pre-K Online and the recently revised Galileo G3 assessment scales for infancy to 5 years. Galileo’s approach to assessment is examined as well as how Galileo uses standards-aligned path-referenced scales based on Item Response Theory (IRT) to support users in measuring children’s development while documenting standards mastery. The technical manual addresses how the Galileo assessment scale content is aligned with federal and state standards, and summarizes the research evidence supporting the validity of the content comprising the scales. Detailed information regarding psychometric analyses of the Galileo G3 assessment scales for birth to 5 years is also made available to the reader.

To access the 2013 technical manual for Galileo Pre-K Online, click here.

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