Monday, November 25, 2013

Galileo Pre-K Online G3 Technology Assessment Scale and School Readiness

Technology and School Readiness

Technology has an ever present and evolving place in modern life. The expectations for technological competency are increasing steadily for adults and children alike. Children as young as elementary school age are being expected to use technology to complete assignments and assessments.

Prior to entering kindergarten, children should have some basic experience using technological devices. Some children may be exposed to these devices at home but for others, learning opportunities presented in preschool may be their only exposure to technology.

The Galileo G3 Technology Scale, released in the spring of 2013, was created in response to the needs of programs to track children’s progress towards technological competency.  ATI's early learning experts designed the Galileo G3 Technology Scale by consulting the most current research in preschoolers' use of technology and various state early learning standards for technology. This approach provides an assessment scale which offers comprehensive coverage of state standards for technology while supporting teachers in their provision of developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children.

For more information about using the Galileo G3 Technology Scale, contact the ATI Pre-K Field Services Team at 800.367.4762.

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