Monday, August 18, 2014

New Statewide Approvals for Galileo Pre-K Online

It has been a productive summer for all of us at ATI. One team focus has been to gain presence on additional statewide recommendation lists for state-aligned early childhood curriculum, assessment, and school readiness. 

ATI is proud to announce the following approvals for Galileo Pre-K Online. Early childhood educators in the states making the awards have the opportunity to choose Galileo Pre-K Online for use starting this fall! Galileo Pre-K Online has previously been approved for statewide use in New York and North Carolina.

Recent awards include:
● Florida Department of Education Office of Early Learning approval for
   Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program
   Curriculum list.
   Learn more.
● Florida Department of Education Office of Early Learning approval

   for the School Readiness Curriculum list.
   Learn more.
● The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning approved for the

   Pre-K Approved Program Curriculum list.
   Learn more.
● The Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning

   approval for Online Assessment Tool.
   Learn more.

About Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum and Authentic Assessment
The Galileo curriculum includes an empirically-based scope and sequence that is linked to Galileo's reliable and valid multi-method authentic assessment tools. It contains child-initiated and teacher/parent guided activities reflective of current research findings as well as resources guiding interest area setup/use and room preparation. Continuous use of Galileo's research-based assessment scales provides actionable information on children's progress linked directly to learning opportunities provided through the curriculum. Assessment and curriculum integration helps guide developmentally appropriate planning to promote learning and school readiness. The Galileo system provides rapid access to the flexible curriculum and to ongoing assessment, actionable reporting, and classroom management tools enabling programs to empower children as learners and teachers as educators. Galileo also provides access to the Pre-K Parent Center which provides families with home activities and reports in English and Spanish.

About Galileo Pre-K Online
Galileo Pre-K Online is a research-based, data-driven approach to early childhood assessment and curriculum. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, online system with offline capabilities that seamlessly integrate assessment, reporting, and curriculum for use with children, infancy through 5 years of age. Galileo technology supports multi-method authentic assessments and reporting of children's growth and development with empirical evidence from assessments that are both reliable and valid. Supported assessment approaches include ongoing observation in the child's learning environment, one-on-one interactions, samples of children's work, and parent input. This broad range of formats accommodates the ways children from diverse backgrounds and abilities express their competencies and helps provide a meaningful portrait of each child's development for use in planning and providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. This individualized approach makes Galileo an excellent choice, especially for those serving dual language learners and children with special needs.

ATI provides professional development in a variety of formats including on-site and online self-paced tutorials both designed to meet the needs of early childhood educators.  Learn more about Galileo professional development options.

We look forward to partnering with you and offering a system that assures program integrity, enables program accountability, and provides the support that makes a difference.

Request your guided overview of Galileo Pre-K Online with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable Field Services team.

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