Monday, August 4, 2014

NEW School Performance Dashboard View Offers School Risk Level Summary

Galileo Dashboards are a convenient way to view and access your data related to curriculum, assessment, and instructional effectiveness from one single location. The Dashboards are presented in three views including: Teaching, School Performance, and Instructional Effectiveness.

Accessing School Risk Level Summary data from the Galileo Dashboard School Performance view is now possible. Aggregated School Risk Level Summary data provides a quick means of observing by school or schools, up-to-date and actionable data on student performance. A bar graph displays the breakdown of students by risk level. After selecting any one of the risk levels, an Instructional Performance Tracker appears offering intervention planning suggestions based on student mastery of standards.

A student’s risk level of not meeting the standards on the next state standardized assessment is based on the position of the student’s Developmental Level (DL) score relative to the Meets cut score on each ATI Instructional Effectiveness (IE) and/or benchmark assessment.

School Risk Level Summary data illustrated from the Dashboard School Performance view.

To learn more about Galileo Dashboards, contact your Field Services Coordinator.

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