Monday, November 24, 2014

Early Math Benchmark Assessment Series: Kindergarten and First Grade

ATI’s Early Math Benchmark Assessment Series (EM-BAS) is now available for both kindergarten and first grade. The EM-BAS is composed of standards-aligned, computer-presented assessments that utilize sound and interactivity to test math skills in a friendly, early elementary environment. The series includes TE items designed to measure early math abilities in addition, subtraction, counting objects, shape recognition, and beginning measurement. The EM-BAS interactive assessments allow for quick intervention to ensure progress in the development of math knowledge. Administration of the EM-BAS series is flexible and can be given anytime throughout the year. Read more about the EM-BAS.
View EM-BAS sample items: Sample 1   Sample 2
Click here to play the sample item below.
First grade math item illustrating multimedia assessments that utilizes sound.

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