Monday, December 8, 2014

Prepare Students Today with Galileo’s Technology Enhanced Items

Students across the nation are or will be experiencing new forms of assessment involving a wide variety of Technology Enhanced (TE) items. In an effort to assist districts and charters to prepare students for this next generation of assessments, ATI is introducing the new forms of assessment in the context of digital curriculums. The digital curriculums support instruction aligned to new and changing standards and provide opportunities to learn to respond to new forms of assessment.

Several distinct types of TE items are available now for use in Galileo’s digital curriculums. There is no need to wait to start using the TE items. They include the: multi-part item, selectable text item, sequencing item, expanded selected response item, performance-based item, and customized TE item. As its name implies, the customized TE item can be used to build a broad array of item types. Moreover, the ATI customized TE item type can be used to rapidly emulate new item types that may emerge in the future. Learn more about Galileo TE items.

TE items are available in various subjects for kindergarten through high school.
Customized TE items for kindergarten contain an audio recording of the item.

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