Monday, June 8, 2015

Create your District’s Comprehensive Assessment Plan Using Galileo K-12 Online

Galileo K-12 Online offers a full range of assessments with actionable reporting and school-comparison capability. The system includes benchmark, formative, screening and placement tests, interim and final-course examinations, pretests and posttests, technology enhanced early literacy and math assessment series, computerized adaptive tests, and instructional effectiveness assessments.

Districts work collaboratively with ATI to create a comprehensive assessment plan that addresses District goals. For example, ATI works in partnership with districts in benchmark planning activities to design assessments that are aligned to district goals, local and state standards, state-wide testing blueprints, and district-adopted curriculum. These assessments are typically created using items from the ATI secure item banks that have established psychometric properties. ATI item banks include technology enhanced items resembling those provided by consortiums and others on state-wide assessments.

The following uses the design of benchmark assessments as an illustration of the collaboration process as it relates to assessment plan design. Designing benchmark assessments to address specific District needs can be accomplished entirely using web-based interfaces included within Galileo K-12 Online. The process begins with using the Assessment Planner. District staff participates in the design of district assessments aligned to state standards and sequenced according to district curriculum and pacing guides. The Assessment Planner  gives districts the option to determine how many benchmark assessments there will be during the year, when benchmark testing will occur, which standards will be covered in instruction and benchmark assessment, and how many items will be included for each standard on each benchmark assessment. ATI Educational Management Services staff works closely with district personnel during the benchmark design phase to ensure that the resulting benchmark assessments are of the highest possible quality.

Once the design of a district’s Benchmark assessments has been finalized the ATI Educational Management Services team assembles tests to match the submitted plan. The ATI generated benchmark assessment matches the goals being measured at a variety of ability levels to give teachers the ability to measure student achievement and to identify areas that should be the focus of additional instruction.

During the optional test review process, District reviewers can use item replacement tools to fine-tune the assessment.

Each assessment includes a set of specific test instructions to teachers detailing how to administer the assessments. These directions are crafted to ensure that all students being evaluated on a particular item are provided with the same level of information and support in attempting the item.

Following the completion of assessment review and after any requests or comments have been addressed, the tests are published to a secure library. The published tests are then easily accessible to district staff for scheduled test administration.

Sample of the Galileo Assessment Planner

To learn more about how ATI works with districts to plan assessments, schedule your Galileo overview, today.

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