Monday, August 31, 2015

Galileo Provides a Comprehensive Instructional Effectiveness System

Galileo K-12 Online contains an effective, flexible, and defensible instructional effectiveness system aligned to state-adopted standards and measurement frameworks. With its easy-to-use, research-based technology and content, Galileo provides support to Districts and charters as they develop and implement local instructional effectiveness initiatives. Following are some highlights of Galileo’s instructional effectiveness technology.  

Galileo’s Instructional Effectiveness Dashboard provides educators a centralized location from which to view and interact with actionable assessment, curriculum, and instructional effectiveness information. Reliable and valid results from benchmark, instructional effectiveness, and other Galileo assessments are rapidly available for district/charter educators. Report data accessed from the Dashboard details student mastery of standards, suggests next steps in instruction to promote learning, continuously tracks student progress, and forecasts student performance throughout the year. The Dashboard presents information on two tabs: the Administration tab and the Results tab. 

Instructional Effectiveness Administration tab on the Galileo Dashboard. Click to enlarge.

The Administration tab includes tools to build, access, and administer proficiency rating scales as well as to import and view staff files. These tasks may be accomplished using the Administer Proficiency Ratings, Score Compiler Summary, and Proficiency Rating Scale Results by School widgets.  This tab may be made available to those with appropriate permissions. 

The second tab on the Dashboard is the Results tab which serves as a place for all users to access their evaluation results. This tab includes the Proficiency Rating Results, the Student Growth and Achievement, and Score Compiler Report widgets which enable teachers to access proficiency rating results, current student growth and achievement results, and compiled evaluation data. 

Galileo’s Score Compiler is a crucial component of ATI’s comprehensive instructional effectiveness system. The Score Compiler allows users to select a variety of measures (e.g. teacher observations, student growth data, and student performance levels on state tests), place scores¬ from these measures on a common scale, and then weight each measure as desired. District or charter-determined scoring provides the rating scale by which instructional effectiveness scores are calculated. The Score Compiler provides continuous and final instructional effectiveness scores with a detailed explanation of how the scores are compiled available from the View Calculations link.

Galileo’s instructional effectiveness system provides educators with continuous efficiency and effectiveness data. This reliable evaluation data can then be used to inform professional development, enhance teaching and leadership skills, and elevate student performance. 

To learn more about how Galileo can support your local instructional effectiveness initiatives, schedule a Galileo Overview

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