Monday, August 24, 2015

Thousands of Technology Enhanced Items

Galileo offers a wide range of innovative, technology enhanced (TE) items designed to mirror items found on state-wide assessment and to provide students an engaging assessment experience. Galileo item banks currently include thousands of TE items available for kindergarten through high school in math, science, and English language arts. They can be included in instructional materials, quizzes and class tests. The increased volume of available TE items allows students and instructors more opportunities to become familiar with them and provides students an engaging assessment experience.  The following is a sampling of the TE items found in Galileo.

Math customized TE item sample. Click image to enlarge.

Science customized TE item sample. Click image to enlarge. 

English language arts TE item open response sample. Click image to enlarge

Science sequencing TE item sample. Click image to enlarge. 

The item types available include: multi-part items, selectable text items, sequencing items, expanded selected-response items, and customized TE items. ATI TE item types include items modeled on PARCC, SBAC, and AIR state-released examples and innovative designs from our professional staff of experienced item writers. Our writing staff continues to add hundreds more TE items to our item banks each month. Take a peek inside Galileo  and discover what a student will experience on a typical test or quiz and the variety of TE items available. 

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