Monday, February 22, 2016

New and Upcoming Enhancements to Galileo

New – Depth of Knowledge Level Filters in Test Builder and Displays in Reports  
ATI has made it easier for districts and charters to develop assessments addressing appropriate levels of cognitive complexity. Galileo Test Builder has been enhanced to support filtering item searches by Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level while developing assessments. Additionally, when items are administered, DOK information may be easily viewed in several reports (i.e. Item Analysis, Intervention Alert, and Test Monitoring Reports). Soon, DOK levels will also be viewable in the Test Review interface for users with appropriate permissions.  

Filter item searches by one, multiple, or all DOK levels. Click to view larger. 
Technology enhanced DOK level 3 item displayed in the drilldown item view of the Intervention Alert Report.  Click to view larger.
Learn more about searching for items in Test Builder by viewing the Quick Reference Guide.

Coming Soon – Real-Time Developmental Level Scores and Statewide Test Forecasting
Galileo will begin automatically generating Developmental Level (DL) scores, performance levels, and risk levels for Arizona students as soon as they have completed district/charter-wide assessments. The DL score is an Item Response Theory (IRT) based measure of student ability. The DL score takes into account the difficulty of test items and can be placed on a common scale across tests to evaluate growth. The DL score is also used to classify students into Risk Levels that forecast likely student performance on the statewide test at the end of the year. Immediate access to DL scores and Risk Levels will provide districts/charters with real-time actionable information to guide next instructional steps. 

For more information on these or other features of Galileo, contact our friendly and knowledgeable Field Services Coordinators

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