Monday, February 8, 2016

Galileo Reporting

The reports found in Galileo provide a wealth of information. Teachers, administrators, and specialists can obtain actionable, real-time data on student learning with Galileo. Reliable and valid assessment results from district-wide benchmark, instructional effectiveness pretests and posttests, end-of-course, computer adaptive, formative, and an array of other Galileo assessments are rapidly available. Report data details student mastery of standards, next steps in the design of instruction to promote learning with continuous tracking of student progress, and forecasting of student performance throughout the year.  

Educators can easily access a variety of reports and act on data that is available from the Galileo Dashboards. Dashboards provide a single location from which to view and interact with curriculum, assessment, and actionable assessment results. This data can quickly inform differentiated instruction decision-making for individual students, classes, and tiered intervention groups based on their skill mastery, standards mastery, and/or pattern of progress.  

To learn more about various reports in Galileo, register for complimentary ATI Professional Development Learning on Demand (LOD) sessions. This month we will be featuring two sessions on commonly used reports, the Test Monitoring Report and the Item Analysis Report. To register for these sessions, click here or contact the ATI Professional Development team directly at

Test Monitoring 
Date: Wednesday, February 3 
Time: 5:00-5:45 pm EST 
Audience: Teachers and Test Administrators responsible for monitoring students during online test administration 
Description: This session walks participants through accessing and interpreting the new Test Monitoring Report. In addition to detailing how the report may be used during and after testing, the session will highlight the page’s new capabilities, such as displaying TE (technology enhanced) items and linking to the Score Test page.

Interpreting Item Analysis Data 
Date: Wednesday, February 17 
Time: 4:30-5:15 pm EST 
Audience: Educators interested in analysis of student performance on an assessment by standard and item 
Description: This session walks participants through accessing and interpreting the Item Analysis Report views.

View the full schedule of Learning on Demand sessions.

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